Monteverde Guided Tours 

Guided tour at Monteverde Hanging Bridges

Natural History Walk

To make the most of your visit to Monteverde and learn about the exuberant vegetation and fauna of this place, there is nothing like having a knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced naturalist guide, who can show you what it can be found in this natural paradise. 

In Monteverde, you will discover approximately 2% of the bio-diversity on the planet.

 More than 500 species of birds, 490 species of butterflies, and 130 species of mammals have been identified in this mountain paradise.

This natural history walk tours take place at the iconic Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, The Children's Rainforest Conservation Area, and other private owned reserves. Contact us today to learn about our availability, prices and more. 

Private tours are available upon request. 

Bird Watching Tour in Monteverde

Birdwatching Tour 

More than 500 species of birds can be found in the Monteverde area, that is more than what it can be found in the entire continental U.S.! 

If you are an avid birdwatcher, have an special interest for these exciting creatures, or just want to learn more about the birds of Costa Rica, while you try to scope them in their natural habitat, then you need a knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced guide who can accompanying you in this quest. 

As a birdwatcher you know that there is not more satisfaction and excitement than when see that bird that you have been dreaming to spot.


Eduardo Venegas has dedicated many years of his life to learn about the local flora and fauna. Over the years he has developed a special interest for birds of Costa Rica.

He has spent numerous hours in research and documenting the different species of birds in Monteverde and Costa Rica. He has documented and researched the presence of a rare specie in Costa Rica, the oil bird. 

Click here to see some pictures taken of birds of Costa Rica by Eduardo Venegas 

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Night Tour in Monteverde - Costa Rica

Night Walk Tour

As the sun sets down in the mountains of Monteverde, a new world awakens in this paradise.


Many species of fauna are more active at night, from frogs, insects, bats, to other nocturnal mammals and birds too.


Have you wonder what happens at night with the wildlife that wanders during the day? This tour can give you the answer to this question.


A night walk tour is a learning experience that you don't want to miss.


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