About Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours

Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours main offce, located in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Visitors can book local tours such as Zip Lines, guided tours, coffee tours, horse back riding tours and more...

We are a Costa Rican Tico family with more than 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. 


Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours is based in Monteverde, where it has a tour operator office for local attractions. We assist in travel arrangements throughout the country. 

Our mission is to offer a high quality product at the best possible price.  We have been recognized by experts, consumers, and critics as one of the best for well-managed tourism service throughout the years. Our philosophy of sustainable service, great social and community projects, combined with personal customer service is second to none.



In 1999, the Venegas Mejias family decided to expand its services by opening the “Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours”.  This new business started a new challenge.  We continue to maintain the ideals that are a part of our service oriented tradition.

We are constantly striving to improve our personal touch because as a family, your satisfaction or better is our primary concern.

We achieve a greater socioeconomic welfare for Monteverde at Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours by collaborating with different social sectors so that each project will be high quality and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


The concept of the travel agency is that the tourist does not need to worry about their visit to Costa Rica because “Flor de Lis Naturalist Tours” has taken all the worry out of your trip, and left you with enjoying your stay here.

We specialize in all types of tours from family trips, adventure trips, birdwatching trips, and also, making customized trips as needed.

Through the years we have achieved a greater national presence which translates into our taking pride in accomplishing our goals for giving quality service at reasonable costs.

Not to be overlooked, is our particular joy in receiving many thankful letters from many satisfied customers that have participated in our tours in the past. Also, we have returning customers who were so please with our service, that they come back on a regular basis. 


Their confidence in our service oriented style is high, and often they tell their friends, who later, decide to join in a future tour.