Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica

Mid-Pacific Region

It is constituted by longitudinal beaches and open sea with small and big bays. Its main attractions are the Carara National Park, recognized worldwide for the wide variety of bird found in the park and Manuel Antonio National Park which is the most visited National Park in the region by local and foreign tourism.

The main economic activities in the region are the agriculture and the stockbreeding, as well fishing and recent years the tourism. In this area the transitional forest between dry and rain forest is protected, one of the few that remain in the planet. Other attractions included the beaches of Jacó, Herradura, Espadilla, etc. Also in this zone is possible to find ideal beaches for practice surf.

Tourist Destinations

Hercules Beetle eating sugar cane in Costa Rica



Since 1978, this unique area has been preserved as a transitional zone of the dry and rain forest in the Pacific Central region.

It is famous for the wide variety of birds found here, among them the red macaw, now an endangered species, so hurry to see her splendor.

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This park, near Quepos city, on the South Pacific, has one of the most impressive landscapes of Costa Rica where the white sand beaches mixed with the exuberant life of the tropical humid forest.

Established as a national park in 1972, it protects both primary and secondary forest, as well as mangrove swamps and marine life.

The mangrove covers approximately 18 hectors.  Here you will find three different species of mangrove: red, white, and black mangrove.

Some fauna species found here include:  the white face monkeys, raccoons, coatis, and the Titi monkey, which is and endangered specie.  Also, birds like the pelican and rainbow colored toucans await your surprise and splendor.

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