Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve


It is located in the northwest of the country in the Mountain Range of Tilaran and its main attraction is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, managed by the Tropical Science Center and covers approximately 60000 Ha. of protected areas including the Children Rain Forest, the Arenal conservation area and the private reserves. 

It is bounded by the wildlife area of Arenal and la Tigra de San Carlos. It is known worldwide by the great biodiversity that exist in the zone, representing approximately 2% of the biodiversity of the planet.

The region has been pioneer of the ecotourism activity, which is extraordinary complemented with the natural attractions, social, culture and productive activities. Highlights of this area are the colorful roads, places for the observation of flora and fauna, the sunsets, panoramic views that mostly are located inside the reserve and the other private protected areas. In Monteverde is possible to find a wide variety of new products that have emerged of the innovation of the zone.

Tourist Destinations

Fern at Monteverde Zip Lines



Your visit to Costa Rica will not be complete until you visit this natural paradise tucked away in the northwest section of the mountain range of Tilaran at almost 1800 meters above sea level. 

Here you will discover the beauty and secrets that hide the most famous cloud forest in the world. In Monteverde, you will discover approximately 2% of the bio-diversity on the planet.

 More than 400 species of birds, 490 species of butterflies, and 100 species of mammals have been identified in this mountain paradise.

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