Poas Volcano Crater in Costa Rica

Central Valley

The region has been both geographical and historically the heart of Costa Rica. It is bounded in the north and east by the mountain range known as Cordillera Central, which has several volcanoes including the famous Poás Volcano and Irazú Volcano.

By the south is bounded by the north of the Talamanca mountain range and a small mountain range called Fila de Bustamante. Between the Central and Talamanca mountain range it is located the beautiful valley of Reventazón River which historically has work as an access to the Caribbean. At the west is bounded by the lowlands of the pacific.

Near three thirds of the Costa Rican population are settled in this region. The fertile volcanic soil and the pleasant weather attract the attention of the first Spain colonos. Before the colonization the area was habited by indigenous who have their traditional plantations and communities.  The first colonial capital was Cartago.


Nowadays four of the seven province of Costa Rica share part of the territory of the central valley and the four capitals of these provinces (San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago) are located in the Central Valley.


It also has a big potential for Business Tourism, incentives and conventions. Some of the attractions found in this region are Braulio Carrillo National Park, Sarchí, Cartago, Orosí and Ujarras Valley, Reventazón and Pacuare rivers and much more. In addition this region has important recreational activities as museums, culture, nigh life, golf, among others.

Tourist Destinations

Poas Volcano National Park
Visit to Sarchi, Costa Rica
La Paz Waterfall Gardens
Fern at San Gerardo de Dota
Cloud Forest at Braulio Carrillo National Park



Discover and enjoy the panoramic view of one of the largest craters of the world located in the heart of Costa Rica, only 37 km north from the city of Alajuela, at an altitude of 2708 meters from sea level.  This volcano is still active, but the eruption of 1910 is most often remembered as spectacular.  This natural wonder has two craters.  The main one measures 1.5 km diameter and has a circular lake of 350 meters in diameter. The other crater has a beautiful lake of 400 meters in diameter.

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Visit the beautiful city of Sarchí, home of the Costa Rican craft. Here you will have the opportunity to appreciate a great variety of art and learn about the production of one of our native symbols: the Ox cart. Also, you will be able to witness the largest Ox cart ever built in the world, as supported by the Guinness Book of Records. Sarchí is also an ideal place to buy a souvenir for your family or friends.

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Imagine being surrounded by an exuberant rain forest with a beautiful waterfall of 30 meters. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens have five different waterfalls with heights of 26 to 32 meters.  Also, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Costa Rican butterflies, with a wide variety of birds in their new aviary homes. Further, the small frogs, snakes, and the most beautiful orchids can be found here in the Costa Rican Forests as well as viewing for your enjoyment their ummingbird gallery.

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Located near Cerro de La Muerte, two and a half hours from San Jose, San Gerardo de Dota is a rural community mixed with agricultural and tourism, which has been on the rise in recent years.

Although less-known to most, by birders it is well-known for a wide diversity of birds, especially the rainbow colored Quetzal. 

Also, the forest is very similar to the cloud forest environment of the Monteverde area with a generous variety of plants and animals to enjoy.


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This region is one of the most irregular topography in Costa Rica, and is crossed by a road that traverses the central valley with the Atlantic slope. Located 24 km fro the capital of San Jose in the central mountain range, northwest of the central valley, it offers a memorable view of nature. Containing more than 40,000 hectars of primary forest it is indeed a rare treasure.

In the park you will find various inactive volcanoes such as Barva and Cacho Negro.

Because of its proximity from the valley and the variety of species of flora and fauna it has become a particular attraction for wildlife itineraries. In the high areas of the park it is possible to observe characteristics of the cloud forest, containing a wide variety of ferns and orchids.

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