Tour throughout the Canals of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica


It includes the entire Costa Rican Caribbean coast. In this zone it is possible to find a unique combination of beaches, natural resources and the afro-Caribbean culture in the communities of Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Gandoca Manzanillo and Limon.


It is very different of the other development areas in the insular Caribbean. The beaches in the area are beautiful and allow the mix between adventure activities and natural history which are complemented by the culture, food and music of the region.

Among its attractions include the magic place of Tortuguero National Park of great importance for spawning of turtles including the Green Turtle which is specie of serious danger of extinction.

It also has the canals that connect Moín with Barra Colorado. It also has coral reef of great beauty, beaches of clear sands, coastal vegetation and forest of medium height. The current development of the area it is limited with small tourist establishments, nevertheless, with an extensive potential of growth to future.

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A magical spot located on the Caribbean coast which is one of the major protected areas of Costa Rica.  It is a very important locale for the spawning of seven species of sea turtles. Among them the green turtle which is an endangered species.

A bird spotted at Tortuguero National Park

To get to this remote region you have to take a boat through several canals and natural lakes. During the trip you will observe a wide variety of species such as crocodiles, otters, manatees, and other native species to Costa Rica. This region was declared a National Park in 1976.  It has approximately 19,000 hectares of protected forest and nearly 50,160 hectares in marine life as a protected zone. It is one of the main Rain Forest’s that exists in the province of Limon.

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